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Spoken English

In the era of globalization and the mushrooming of multinational companies in every Indian city, English language has become the most accepted way of communication. It has become a necessity for each and every individual who want to achieve their goals to learn English. BRITISH ACADEMY has designed the Spoken English module as per the need of the hour. Our module is gaining popularity among many youngsters because of its utility in their career development.

The important areas covered in Spoken English module are as follows:

1) Introduction to English Language
  • Knowledge about words
  • Formation of Sentences
  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Auxiliaries
  • Articles
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Inspirational thoughts
  • Reference Books for Corporate Level English
2) Conversation
  • Role Play
  • English Movies Conversation
  • Introduction to English Novels & Movies
  • World View (Different Countries: Culture, Language and Climate)
3) Group Discussion
  • Current Affairs
  • Socio-Economic Issues
  • Pronunciation
  • Talent Explore, Skills, Leadership Qualities
4) Seminars on
  • Importance of Colours
  • Numbers
  • Astrology
  • Hand-Writing
  • Nature
  • Meditation
  • Energy
  • Life-style (How to remain happy in all Circumstances)
5) Presentation
  • Use of English Language with perfection
  • Breaks the shackles of hesitation
  • Removes stage fear
  • Develops confidence to speak in public
  • Develops Professional Attitude