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Corporate Training

Recommended For Managers and Supervisors

Topics covered are:
  • Performance through Positive Mental Attitude
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Team-Building Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Goal Setting and Time Management

Duration: Three Days (21 Hours)

Performance through Positive Mental Attitude

Firstly, 80 % of the performance and effectiveness is attitudinal! Positive, Optimistic and Confident people get more work done, faster and with fewer mistakes. The best companies have the best people, and the top people are made, not born.

Effective Communication Skills

Ideas, Products, and Services have no life until they are communicated and produce action; Personal Communication is the medium through which this is done. It should be subjected to the same standards of quality and excellence as products, services or processes

Team-Building Skills

Working with others is a vital part of almost every job today. Regardless of the business, one is expected to coordinate tasks with others, share information, solve problems and make decisions. Attaining synergism with the existing diverse team members is the major problem one faces in the workplace.

Interpersonal Skills

What does it take to succeed in one’s career? Talent, good ideas, a good education, technical expertise, skills, hard work, motivation, initiative… all of these are important. In addition, because almost all jobs require one to get things done through other people-co-workers, customers, managers, people in other departments in the company, career success also depends on one's ability to work with other people, often called ‘people skills’.

Goal Setting & Time Management

The fundamental strategy for effective time management is to spend more time doing those things that are most important. Before a person can do that, he/she must identify what those important things are. That's where goal setting comes in.